1. Kuya Sessions: Sol
    Poranguí, Liquid Bloom

  2. ANTIGUA (Live at Sugarshack)

  3. Fire Gathering (DISSØLV Remix)
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, DISSØLV

  4. Beauty Way

  5. Kuya Sessions: Cura Remixes
    Poranguí, Liquid Bloom

  6. Kuya Sessions: Akasha
    Poranguí, Liquid Bloom

  7. Olorum - Liquid Bloom Dub Mixes

  8. Olorum (feat. Eric Zang) [Momentology Deep House Mix]

  9. Remembrance Soundscapes
    For the Good of All, Vylana, Aubrey Marcus

  10. Kuya Sessions: Samadhi
    Poranguí, Liquid Bloom

  11. Remembrance
    For the Good of All, Vylana, Aubrey Marcus

  12. Nefes (Drumspyder Remix)
    Shaman's Dream, Poranguí, Eric Zang

  13. Cedar Moon (DJ Taz Rashid Yoga Mix)
    Shaman's Dream, Poranguí, Eric Zang

  14. Kuya Sessions: Cura
    Poranguí, Liquid Bloom

  15. Iluminar (J.Pool Remix feat. Eric Zang)
    Poranguí, J.Pool, Eric Zang

  16. Iluminar (Dre Guazzelli Remix)
    Poranguí, Dre Guazzelli

  17. Poranguí Mose Remixes
    Poranguí, Mose

  18. Canto de la Selva (Mose Remix)
    Poranguí, Mose

  19. Stardust (ATYYA Remix)
    Poranguí, ATYYA

  20. Otorongo (Mose Remix)
    Poranguí, Mose

  21. Earth Keepers
    Poranguí, Shaman's Dream, Eric Zang

  22. Abakwa (Future Roots Mix)
    Poranguí, Liquid Bloom, Shaman's Dream

  23. Peyote Canyon
    Poranguí, Liquid Bloom

  24. Corazón de Gaia
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, Spice Traders

  25. Poranguí Resueño Remixes

  26. Ocean of Remembrance (Sacred Blessings)
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí

  27. Regreso al Agua
    Porangui, Liquid Bloom

  28. Ayé Yewo
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, Spice Trader

  29. Poranguí Remixes Vol II

  30. Poranguí Remixes - Vol I

  31. Poranguí

  32. Poranguí - Guided Journey

  33. Ayahuasca Remixed

  34. Ayahuasca (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  35. Surburban Gypsy: The Becoming (Solo Edition)

  36. Terra Sagrada EP (Solo Edition)


Poranguí Sedona, Arizona

Reared among the three cultures of Brazil, Mexico and the U.S., Poranguí was steeped in various traditional forms of music, healing and ceremony since birth. Weaving ancestral songs & indigenous rhythms from around the world as a one-man orchestra, Poranguí bridges the healing properties of sound and movement to foster our individual and collective well being. ... more


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